codesearch for Debian binary control data

Web front-end for a csearch (apt-get install codesearch) command running on all unpacked Debian Sid and Testing amd64 binary package control data.

The directory structure indexed by csearch has the suite (oldstable, stable, testing and unstable) at the root and contain each the names of all binary packages in the suites, respectively. Each of these directories then contains the contents of respective binary package control data.

The csearch binary is run with arguments supplied by the GET parameters q (which is used as the -l parameter) and path (which is used as the -f parameter).

The md5sums files have been removed as they occupy most space without any utility. If you want to search for packages by their hash, use If you want to find binary packages without a md5sums file, have a look at the no-md5sums-control-file lintian tag

The query and path parameters support RE2 regular expressions. The query field can be empty in which case all packages containing the specified path will be found regardless of their content. Example: all packages with the file "clilibs": ?path=/clilibs$

You can limit your search to a certain list of packages by using the path field. Example: search for all "liba*" packages containing the file "conffiles": ?path=/liba[^/]*/conffiles

You can limit your search to a certain suite by prefixing the path with the suite name. Example: same as before but limited to unstable: "conffiles": ?path=/unstable/liba[^/]*/conffiles

You can change the output format from html with clickable links to the found files to a plain text list by appending the "&format=plain" parameter or to a plain text list of the containing packages by appending the "&format=pkglist" parameter to your query.

The raw data that is searched can also be downloaded as a tarball per suite for oldstable, stable testing and unstable.

This service is only temporary (famous last words) until adds support for searching for packages containing a path only and supports a machine readable interface and supports searching binary control data in addition to source code.